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Vonixx | V-FLOC | Concentrated Car Wash Soap


V-FLOC is a high performance, pH neutral car wash. Its formula contains special conditioning agents and surfactants that provide a gentle and efficient washing. V-FLOC has a high degree of lubrication, promoting a significant reduction of the friction coefficient, providing a better slide of the microfiber wash mitt and effectively reducing the chances of swirls on the paint. V-FLOC also promotes shine and renewal aspect of the painting.


- Powerfull cleaning
- Ph-neutral
- Produces a lot of foam
- Does not remove any wax or sealant applied on the paint
- Safe to use on ceramic coated cars
- Safe to use on wraps and PPF
- Gentle washing
- High yield
- Cleans and conditions
- Yield up to 158 gallons (600 liters) of solution


1:400 - Regular washing with bucket
1:20 - Use with Foam Cannon