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Vonixx | SINTRA FAST | Anti- Bacterial Interior Cleaner | 16.9oz


Sintra Fast is an universal pH-balanced, bactericidal and germicidal cleaner indicated for cleaning most of the interior of the vehicle such as door panels, dashboard, carpets, upholstery, rubbers and leather parts.
Besides cleaning dirt, oils and stains, it eliminates disease-causing microorganisms inside the vehicle. Sintra Fast reduces bad odors inside the vehicle, making it healthier and free from impurities.

- Ready to use formula

- Cleans without harming
- Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria
- Does not leave a shiny/greasy surface
- It can be used with extractor machine or Tornador


- Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned or desinfected;
- Use a soft brush or foam applicator to rub the product on the surface doing circular movements until the dirt is completely detached;
- Wipe it off using a damp microfiber towel;
- Dry it using a dry microfiber towel.