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Hi-Tech | Plastic Razor Blades | 100 pack


Pack of 100 Hi-Tech Single Edge Sharp, Safe Razor Blades

These plastic razor blades enable you to safely clean and remove decals, pin-stripe, paint, dirt, tar and other debris from delicate surfaces including coated and tinted glass. Each plastic razor blade is constructed of durable scratch resistant plastic and features a razor sharp edge.

* Boxed in a sleeve for razor blade storage.

* Red in color.

* Fits most Standard Razor Blade Holders.

Use on painted automotive surfaces, plastic coated or tinted windows, fabrics, finished wood, and many other delicate surfaces and materials.

The Fastest, Safest, and Easiest Way to Remove:

* Stickers from walls, floors, windows, doors, appliances

* Candle wax from tables

* Auto wax from trim and hard-to-reach places

* Pin stripes

* Decals

* Emblems

* Paint over-spray

* Tape

* Tree sap

* Tar

* Vinyl letters

* Graphics 

* Bird droppings

* Crusted dirt

* Dead bugs

* So Much More...