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Upgrade your detailing arsenal: The top new Koch-Chemie products you need to know about... - Detailers Warehouse

Upgrade your detailing arsenal: The top new Koch-Chemie products you need to know about...

The Koch-Chemie brand has been
known to produce high-quality car
care and detailing products for many
years. Recently, they have introduced
several new products that are worthy
of your attention.

1. Koch-Chemie Power Wheel Cleaner:
This product is formulated to remove
brake dust, dirt, and grime from your
wheels without damaging the finish.
It is a fast-acting and odorless wheel
cleaner that is safe to use on all types
of wheels, including aluminum and

2. Koch-Chemie Allround Quick Shine:
This product is designed to give your
car a quick shine and removes light
dust, fingerprints, and water stains
from the bodywork. It can be used on
painted surfaces, chrome, and plastic
trim. Allround Quick Shine is easy to
use and provides a long-lasting and
protective shine for your car.

3. Koch-Chemie Insect & Dirt
Remover: This product is ideal
for removing insect residues, bird
droppings, and other stubborn dirt
from your car's surfaces. It is a
concentrated formula that is gentle
on your car's paintwork and leaves no
residue after use.

4. Koch-Chemie Shampoo Ultra
Foam: This product is a highly
concentrated shampoo that produces
a thick and luxurious foam. It is
designed to remove dirt, grime, and
other contaminants from your car's
bodywork without leaving any streaks
or water spots. Shampoo Ultra Foam
is gentle on paintwork and is safe to
use on all surfaces.

5. Koch-Chemie Heavy Cut
Compound: This product is perfect
for removing heavy scratches,
swirl marks, and imperfections
from your car's paintwork. It is a
high-performance compound that is
easy to use, even on difficult-to-reach
areas. Heavy Cut Compound is safe
to use on all types of paint and leaves
a smooth and glossy finish.

In conclusion, Koch-Chemie's new
products offer a range of solutions
to keep your car looking its best.
Whether you need to remove tough
dirt and grime, add a quick shine,
or restore your car's paintwork,
Koch-Chemie has got you covered.
Try out these products and see the difference yourself!