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Vonixx | IZER | Iron & Fallout Remover


- Removes brake dust, rust spots, grease and dirt

- Safe to use on wheels, brakes and paint

- Safe to use on clear coat and single stage paint, chrome, aluminum and clear coated wheels

- Changes color to purple as it works

- Ready to use formula (use strength for best performance, but it can be diluted for a maintenance cleaning if you want)

- pH-Neutral / Non-Acid

- One of the strongest iron removers in the market


- Dissolves iron contamination and metallic fallout

- Removes and prevents oxidation of the paintwork and other external parts of the vehicle

- Helps to remove rust spots on chrome parts

- In the engine, it helps to remove the rusted surface of metal parts

- Reduced odor formula



- Make sure the surface is cold

- Spray a small amount of the product on the surface to be cleaned

- Wait for 2 to 3 minutes until the appearance of the product becomes purple or similar darker color

- Using a detailing brush or microfiber mitt, apply to the wheels and other areas; rub evenly to ensure complete removal of contaminants

- Rinse well (preferably with a pressure washer)