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Proje | Surge Quick Detailer


  • The Surge Quick Detailer makes cleaning your car more effortless than ever by providing a hydrophobic seal on your vehicle's paint. Wipe away dust, dirt, built-on road grime, and bird droppings easily.
  • The Quick Detailer cleans, levels imperfections, adds depth, shines, and protects. This product will save time and money and help protect the planet by conserving water.
  • The liquid carnauba in this sealant help protect your car's paint from UVA and UVB rays, weather erosion, bird droppings, water spots, and more.
  • PH neutral and safe on all surfaces, including plastics and rubbers, unlike other waterless washes that contain harmful chemicals with the potential to damage your car's paint and other parts.
  • This versatile cleaner has 5 processes occurring simultaneously and does not require changeovers to other products. There is no risk of contaminants like dust and dirt making their way onto the surface of your car.


In just a couple of easy steps, this advanced Quick Detailer formula will make your car look brand new since it cleans, hides minor imperfections, adds depth, shines, and protects. This formula will not just save you time, money, and energy by reducing how frequently you wash your car but also provides complete protection from contaminants finding their way onto your vehicle within 1 to 2 minutes after being applied. This ceramic waterless wash and sealant can help shield your vehicle from UVA/UVB rays, water spots, weather erosion, acid rain, scratches, and more. While at the same making it easier for contaminants like bird poop and tree sap to be wiped off easily. Quickly and effortlessly removes dust, dirt, built-on road grime, and more. Spray directly onto the surface you are working with, give the cleaning agents a moment to encapsulate the dirt, and then wipe the area with a clean microfiber towel. You will be left with a SiO2 coat on the surface. Give it a few seconds to level imperfections, and then take your second clean microfiber towel and buff away the high spots. Repeat this process 1 small vehicle area at a time until the desired surface has been thoroughly coated.


Proje is a proud US Manufacturer based in Los Angeles County California. With more than 25 years of car care manufacturing experience, our passion has always been on providing quality products that provide quality results and keeping vehicle surfaces healthy and clean. Make the Process easier and enjoyable with Proje.