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Koch-Chemie P6.01 One-Cut & Finish Compound



Koch-Chemie One Cut & Finish P6.01 is a medium-cut all-in-one ("one step") that is capable of removing swirls and scratches while depositing a durable coat of synthetic sealant.  Koch-Chemie One Cut & Finish P6.01 saves time and effort by combining two products into one. If you're a production detailer, this means you can cut your detailing time in half!  Koch-Chemie One Cut & Finish P6.01 features proprietary abrasive technology that will not scour or haze the finish.  Koch-Chemie One Cut & Finish P6.01 has a long working time and is easy to wipe off.  Koch-Chemie One Cut & Finish P6.01 is capable of removing 2000 grit sanding marks.